Political Overview

What you can expect from me if elected:

  • I will not vote for ANY budget if it is not balanced....I expect to vote NO on many, many budgets.
  • I will seek to pass a balanced budget amendment.
  • I will seek for elimination of the income tax and implementation of the Fair Tax (HR25)
  • I will support efforts to audit or eliminate the Federal Reserve
  • I will seek to restore the sound money principles on which this country was founded.
  • I will seek to repeal the healthcare mandate, and the entire healthcare bill
  • I will work to bring down state barriers for health care purchase, and ANY other such barriers to a free healthcare market.
  • I will seek to scale back the scope of our military deployments in peaceful areas around the globe
  • I will oppose and seek to end all foreign aid
  • I will protect the people's right to keep and bear arms
  • I will attempt to end the pointless, senseless and failed "war on drugs"
  • I will fight to protect the privacy rights of all Americans
  • I will fight tirelessly for the civil liberties and Constitutional protections of ALL Americans
  • I will work to repeal "Common Core" and any similar Federal legislation interfering with our ability to make education decisions LOCALLY.



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