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Marriage Rights

I don't believe that government really has a role in marriage at all.  It is a fairly recent and modern phenomena that we now need the permission of our government to get married. 

Traditionally marriage is just an agreement between two people....sometimes the church was involved...rarely was government involved.

Marriage licences were introduced in this country after the Civil War mostly to prevent blacks and whites from marrying...

And while such racist motives are no longer socially acceptable (thank goodness!) The concept of having to have the permission of government to marry is still being used to impose the bias and morality of the majority onto a minority.

Marriage is simply a commitment made between two people, there is no need for government involvement whatsoever.

Any of the legal benefits to the formal designation of a marriage, like Social Security survivorship benefits, medical coverage etc, could easily be modified to simply allow people to designate for themselves who is eligible for such things, then the government can get out of the business of deciding who is allowed get married and who is not once and for all.