Hi !

A little about me...

Born in Denville, raised in Newton, I studied Electrical Engineering first at RPI, and received my degree from Rutgers.

I'm a divorced father of two boys. I worked at Prudential as a computer programmer for 12 years, worked in Union NJ, doing web development for Bed, Bath, and Beyond, for the next two. I have recently accepted a new position in the city and I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

Politics is not something I ever thought that I would get personally involved in, for sure. However as the economic and political situation here in this country has steadily deteriorated I have become increasingly frustrated.

Our representatives in Washington are pursuing policies which are only making things worse. More government laws, regulations, taxes, subsidies, and bailouts are not the answer to the problem...they ARE the problem. Our economy and our nation will not make any progress unless we are able to halt the growth of government, and return to our small government roots.

It is my hope that I can bring a clear, concise, thought-out point of view, that I can help educate the people of the 7th district, and elsewhere, in the essentials of economics necessary to understand today's complex environment, and that I can help to show how personal freedom is the lynchpin of everything we hold dear.

I am optimistic, not because our current situation as a nation is any good, it clearly is not, but because I think the solutions are simple. All that is required is that we have the faith and the courage to do what must be done, and to have the proper leadership to show us the way.